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    Alone in the Kitchen

Alone in the Kitchen is a fun cooking game in which you are shown a recipe which you must quickly memorize. You must then get all the ingredients and prepare the dish. Put all of the ingredients into the blender and turn it on to make your food item. This cooking game will also test your memory since you will have to remember all the ingredients in the recipe.

    Boat Hotel

Play the Boat Hotel online cooking game and help manage the waterfront restaurant you work for. Row your boat up to your customers boats and take their orders. Then pick up their food from the chef, bring it to them and get paid. If you take your time your customers will get upset and leave. Keep your customers happy and make enough money to reach your target to go to the next level of this free cooking game.

    Tiger Burger

After Tigers recent controversies he has lost his job as a golf star and is instead flipping burgers so he can pay his bills. Help Tiger Woods keep his new job by serving as many customers as you can by completing their orders. Don't forget to make sure to avoid the angry wife. Tiger Burger is a fun flash game requiring both skill and speed. Have fun!

    Noodle Shop

Noodle Shop is a fun cooking game in which you get to manage a gourmet Noodle Shop and make the best noodles in town. Keep your customers happy by making them the correct order and do not make them wait too long for their noodles. No one likes to wait when they are hungry. If you are good to your customers they will be good to you and give you lots of repeat business. See if you can make your noodle shop the most popular noodle shop in town.


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