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    Boat Hotel

Play the Boat Hotel online cooking game and help manage the waterfront restaurant you work for. Row your boat up to your customers boats and take their orders. Then pick up their food from the chef, bring it to them and get paid. If you take your time your customers will get upset and leave. Keep your customers happy and make enough money to reach your target to go to the next level of this free cooking game.

    Cupid Restaurant

Cupid, has devised a plan to bring two lonely people together making them fall in love. He has opened a restaurant and decided to bring people together using their favorite foods. When new customers come into the restaurant, play matchmaker by sitting male and female customers together as couple, then take their orders and serve them their favorite foods. Bring lonely people together to become a happy couple by serving their favorite dishes. Don't make them wait for their food too long or they will get mad and leave your restaurant.

    Cake Stall

Run a cake shop and make some tasty cakes which are requested by your customers. Don't mess up the orders and do not make your customers wait too long because they will get mad and leave your cake shop. Have fun playing this free online game.

    Holly Hobbie and Friends Lemonade Stand

Help Holly Hobbie and her Friends run a lemonade stand earning a coloring page for each level that you complete. Get points and complete tasks to unlock items to decorate your coloring pages with. Complete all 3 levels to decorate your coloring pages and print them out. First help gather all the ingredients they need to make lemonade, then help Holly and her friends fill their lemonade orders and finally help them deliver the lemonade to their customers. Enjoy playing this fun free game.


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