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    How to Make Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

How to Make Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream is a fun cooking game in which teaches you how to make your own chocolate ice cream. See if you can follow directions precisely in this free cooking game.

    Papas Pizzeria

Play the Papa's Pizzeria time management game and help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is away. You will need to take customer orders, put toppings on the pizzas, bake them, then cut up and finally serve the pizzas to your customers. Make sure you keep your customers happy or Papa Louie will get angry with you when he gets back. See if you have what it takes to successfully run a pizzeria.

    Cookies Bakery

Cookies Bakery is a fun cooking game in which you get to manage your a cookie shop. Take your customers orders, prepare the cookies and get them to your customers on a time. Make sure to only use the proper ingredients for each order or your customers will get mad and leave your bakery. Each order needs to be completed before the plate gets to the machine. Enjoy playing this girls cooking game.

    Mile High Sundaes

The Mile High Sundaes game is a fun free ice cream making game. How many scoops do you like on your Sundae? Make a Mile High Sundae with many different kinds of ice cream scoops, sprinkles and toppings to choose from. Enjoy this fun free game.


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