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    How to Cook a Turkey

Learn how to cook a turkey in this fun free cooking game. If you like to eat turkey, then you will surely like this fun cooking game in which you will learn how to cook a delicious turkey. It takes some time to cook a turkey properly so be sure not to get the kitchen too messy in this great free cooking game.

    Tiger Burger

After Tigers recent controversies he has lost his job as a golf star and is instead flipping burgers so he can pay his bills. Help Tiger Woods keep his new job by serving as many customers as you can by completing their orders. Don't forget to make sure to avoid the angry wife. Tiger Burger is a fun flash game requiring both skill and speed. Have fun!

    Fish Fry

Fish Fry is a fun cooking game in which you get to run a grilled fish stand on the beach. To stay in business and earn a good living you will need to keep up with your customers orders and not burn their fish. If you keep your customers happy then they will tell their friends about your fabulous fish and great service and you will have lots more customers and make lots of money. Good luck in your new business venture and have fun.

    Cake Shop

In the Cake Shop free game you are the manager of a cake shop and you must create and serve various cakes to your customers. Be careful because some cake layers look very similar. Enjoy this great free cooking game.


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