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    Alone in the Kitchen

Alone in the Kitchen is a fun cooking game in which you are shown a recipe which you must quickly memorize. You must then get all the ingredients and prepare the dish. Put all of the ingredients into the blender and turn it on to make your food item. This cooking game will also test your memory since you will have to remember all the ingredients in the recipe.

    Sue Sushi Restaurant

This is one of many games about a girl called Sue. In this game Sue prepares sushi. The game is quite challenging. Apart from understanding Korean you must have very good memory and be quick. In the beginning you are given a scheme according to which you

    How to Make a Chicken Burger

The How to Make A Chicken Burger game teaches you how to make tasty chicken burgers. Enjoy this fun cooking game.

    Feed the Kitty

Feed the cute hungry kitty giving her only the food that she wants. Your kitty will show you what food item she would like to eat and you must remember to only give her what she wants until she changes her mind and decides that she wants to try something else. Every time you do not feed the kitty the food that she desires, your score will decrease. If you feed her the wrong food you will lose the game. See if you can complete all four fun levels of this free cooking game and make the kitty happy.


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