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    Feed the Kitty

Feed the cute hungry kitty giving her only the food that she wants. Your kitty will show you what food item she would like to eat and you must remember to only give her what she wants until she changes her mind and decides that she wants to try something else. Every time you do not feed the kitty the food that she desires, your score will decrease. If you feed her the wrong food you will lose the game. See if you can complete all four fun levels of this free cooking game and make the kitty happy.

    Hungry Giants

Hungry Giants is a fun cooking game in which you must prepare food and feed the hungry giants if you can keep up with their giant appetites. Identify the hungry giant's desired food and serve it to them as quickly as you can. Do not make them wait too long or they will get upset.

    Cooking Championship

Play the Cooking Championship game and see if you got what it takes to become the number one chef in town. This is a contest between you and the most famous chef in town and the winner will be declared top chef. Your career as a chef depends on winning this contest so you must give this 100% and win, or else you will find yourself out of a job. To win the contest you must finish preparing your meal before your opponent. Follow all the recipe instructions precisely if you want to have a chance to win. So grab your spatula, knife and cutting board and get to work cooking. Good luck and have fun playing this free online cooking game.

    Fizz Alert

Fizz Alert is a fun cooking game in which you must boil milk at your new job. Do not allow the milk to overflow or you will be fired! Finish each level successfully before your time runs out. Have fun playing this great cooking game.


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