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    Eggs and Hotdogs

Eggs and Hotdogs is a fun cooking game in which you have to make eggs and hotdogs for a busy restaurant chain. Make sure not to burn them because no one likes to eat burnt food and you will lose your job. See how good you are at making eggs and hot dogs when you are under pressure.

    Hungry Giants

Hungry Giants is a fun cooking game in which you must prepare food and feed the hungry giants if you can keep up with their giant appetites. Identify the hungry giant's desired food and serve it to them as quickly as you can. Do not make them wait too long or they will get upset.

    Noodle Shop

Noodle Shop is a fun cooking game in which you get to manage a gourmet Noodle Shop and make the best noodles in town. Keep your customers happy by making them the correct order and do not make them wait too long for their noodles. No one likes to wait when they are hungry. If you are good to your customers they will be good to you and give you lots of repeat business. See if you can make your noodle shop the most popular noodle shop in town.

    Cookies Bakery

Cookies Bakery is a fun cooking game in which you get to manage your a cookie shop. Take your customers orders, prepare the cookies and get them to your customers on a time. Make sure to only use the proper ingredients for each order or your customers will get mad and leave your bakery. Each order needs to be completed before the plate gets to the machine. Enjoy playing this girls cooking game.


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